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Jul 2 12 2:51 PM

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How does it work? I was playing with a mixed deck and wiped my opponent by using it, I had built a really big amount of units while he had exorted peace, then I used Theft of Greece to remove his peace, used the turtle formating to band all my units to form a 51/65 unit and then used Chinese Police to destroy most of his units.

I think that's way too much, does it work like that, or only lets bandeable units band with each other?
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Jul 2 12 8:01 PM

Re: Turtle formation

ah man i wish i could have been there. unfortunately for your opponent, you used the cards correctly. i will, however, add that tactics cards effects (like most other cards) go away when the card goes away, so the banding should have gone away after that turn.

since i have the crime of being vague, i will make this card specify that it only lasts that turn.

thank you for that hilarious story. sounds like knowledge of your deck build came in handy.

i'll bet your friends hate me now.

also (am i'm sure you know this but i still want to say it for other readers), just because you band samson to semna fortress does not mean that the fortress can enter the battlefield.

Empires and Generals. Remember the Past. Live the Future.

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Jul 3 12 10:48 PM

Re: Turtle formation

So, all tactic cards only last one turn? Are they discarded at your resolve phase or the draw phase of the next turn?

I also got another question:
"Ultra Rare: Only one total in either of your decks, and when an Ultra Rare card comes into play during a game, that card (by exact reference number match) may not be played during the remainder of the game by anyone."

Does that mean we can ONLY have one ultra rare, (or does it mean we can only have one of each ultra-rare?) and if we use it no one else can use the same card if they have it?

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Jul 5 12 7:26 PM

Re: Turtle formation

Tactics cards effects:

This happen instantly, if it has an ability that is longer lasting then it sits around in the battlefield until the ability is over, or, it is "attached" to the card it is affecting. They are discarded once used.


If I have "Judo move of Meng-po" as a Ultra-Rare Tactics Card in my deck, and so do the other three opponents that I am playing during a four person game, and we each draw it during the first initial 7 card draw. And on turn one, I play it... the other three people cannot use it during this game.

You may have one of each ultra rare card in your decks. You can and you should have all the ultra rares that -
a) you need to win with your playing style and setup
b) you think that the other players might not use

Does this help?

Empires and Generals. Remember the Past. Live the Future.

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