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Jun 25 12 12:46 AM

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The power of the Aztecs great warriors of their time enslaving many other civilizations for both religious and power reasons.

Common Soldiers-As common soldiers they would stay back from the melees and fight with ranged weapons till the Warrior Societies got their fill of blood and slaves, then they would charge in hoping to capture their own to be promoted to a higher rank

Tlamemeh (The lowest rank acting like squires by helping higher ranks with armor and supplies)

Telpochcalli ( Next highest rank acted as support foot soldiers usually armed with slings and bows)

TÄ“lpochyahqueh (Acted as leaders to the Telpochcalli coordinating small skirmishes armed with blowguns and melee weapons such as spears and clubs)

Yaoquizqueh ( The back bone of the army's they would attack first with ranged weapons then switch to blowguns and melee weapons)

Tlamanih (Yaoquizqueh who have captured enemy's in the battle field for sacrifice they would go into the melee slightly before the Yaoquizqueh)

Warrior Societies- These where made up of all the noble and powerful warriors of the Aztec army, they would get to fight in melee combat first allowing them to capture the most slaves first.

Jaguar and Eagle warriors ( They acted like the shock-troopers for the Aztec dressed in warpaint and armor alike their "animal". Being the first to go into the melee and dressed with their outfits they would terrify the enemy before slaughtering them.

Otomies ( Mercenaries to the Aztec they named themselves after the Otomi people who where tolld to be fierce warriors in their own right )

Shorn Ones ( Berserkers of the Aztec army they painted their face half blue and half yellow/red. They also shaved their heads and took a oath to never take a step backwards in battle for their own allies would then kill them)

My idea for them is that when some of them kill a enemy instead of killing it it goes to your resource pile. When it enters the resource pile it becomes a one anything every turn or you can sacrifice it for three of anything.

Their cards would be cheap to play but for every enemy one of them beats it gains a plus one to attack and health.

Would you rather have a army of primtive eygptians, or a deck filled to the brim with monsters and Dietys?

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Jul 4 12 12:50 PM

Re: Aztec Deck

Hmm, my friend is an expert on Aztecs, so having a deck would please him a lot...

He can also help with other cards, for example they're known for building their city over a lake, maybe they can have a kingdom card called "Chinampa" (Floating Garden) where they can get 2 food from every river resource card/water resource every harvest turn, and suffer no penalties from any water hazard (Act of God flood...)

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