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Jun 15 12 3:43 PM

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hi, i´m tigermisu´s friend
i only have one question ,
how do the"traps" work?
,i now you are very specific in your cards but i think i need more information about.
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Jun 15 12 11:59 PM

Re: Egyptian tramps

TRAMPS! lol.

funny. in english that means one who wanders around with no home.

but a TRAP is a device used for snaring someone to stop them from moving.


issac and jakob are playing a game.

it is issacs turn and he is in his army phase. he moves djoser into the battlefield from the warcamp... but wait! just then jakob throws down traps and stops the movement of djoser.


so now whether issac likes it or not, djoser HAS to stay in the battlefield. he cannot move and he is stuck there until he eventually dies.

even if you have more people come into the battlefield to try and help him, he is a sitting target and HAS to defend all attacks against issacs empire.

Empires and Generals. Remember the Past. Live the Future.

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